WOLF drive services in Berlin
WOLF drive services
Hahnenfusspfad 16
13591 Berlin, Germany

Tel: +493036705418
Mob.: +491723087573
Fax: +493036705419


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About us

Due to our long experience in the field of passenger transport, we are able to offer you service at its best.

The company is located in Berlin, but our services include drives throughout entire Germany and the neighbouring countries.

Our staff and vehicles offer the maximum possible service and quality.

Terms and conditions

Delays on the way

  • WOLF drive services – airport transfer is not liable for any delays which result in missing your connection. We assure you that we do our best to get you to the airport on time. For this reason book your transfer ahead, especially for drives during the rush hour.

Return trip
  • If you gave us your flight number, the driver will get informed weather your flight will be on time or will be delayed. You should switch on your mobile phone (cell phone) after landing so that the driver can contact you.

    When ordering your transfer, please leave a mobile (cell phone) number which you will be using at the airport.

Change of the flight dates
  • If you change the date of your flight, please inform as as soon as possible.

  • It is possible to pay cash or by bank transfer. If a reservation was made for a drive there and back, the payment is to be done on your outward journey. You will get a receipt also for your drive back.

  • Our price includes all costs: VAT, luggage transfer, child safety seats (please advise) and 45 minutes waiting time in case of a delayed arrival.

  • We will not charge any handling and canellation charges, if you cancel the transfer 48 hours before the first drive. If the drive will be cancelled within 24 hours, we are entitled to charge you the whole price. All drives are confirmed by email and are therefore stipulated by contract within the terms and conditions.

Final clause
  • The passenger and driver agree to make an effort of solving potential problems on a trustful basis for the benefit of both parties.

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Berlin, November 2009